"Khai dân trí, Chấn dân khí, Hậu dân sinh" hay: "Hiểu biết để Tự tin để Làm giàu cuộc sống"

Movement of The Path of Vietnam

Vietnam, … 2012


(Draft for comments)

Dear citizens of the world,

We the people of Vietnam who love and thirst for freedom, human rights and dignity, democracy and peace call upon you, everywhere in the world, to uphold our charter of the Renaissance of Vietnam for the peace of the world that aims to democratize our country in order to secure peace for our world.

There are increasingly more threats to international peace that are more tangible than ever. Omnipresent terrorism, nuclear Iran and North Korea, regressive democracy of Russia, resurgence of China and disputes over Vietnam’s East sea are only superficialities of the iceberg that is really the war at its beginning to fight for influence and interest between the great powers. This is very similar to the situations before World war I and World war II that have twice brought untold sorrow to mankind. We see, among the above, that the most threatened and closet one come from the Asia Pacific region.

The emergence of China and its people’s surpassing aspiration are legitimate and very valuable to the international security and stability. But if these things grows in a low democracy, like what were in Germany and Japan in early 1930s, they will surely bring another catastrophic war to our world though the vast majority people of Chinese people love peace. So do the ones in Germany and Japan. But their state powers did not really belong to them before World war II.

So we hold that only when absolute power of China belongs to its people can our world present that war. And if absolute power of Vietnam belongs to its people, it will be certain that the people of both nations will choose coexist and develop in peace. This is the very substantive agent to maintain security, stability and peace for the region. And because this region will largely define whether, as it is well recognized, the world ahead will be marked by peaceful progress and cooperation or conflict and suffering so its peace and prosperity will consequently secure the same for our world.

We also hold that if Vietnam became a liberal democracy, it will encourage and solidify the belief among the Chinese people and the world that China would soon join the free and democratic world because Vietnam’s paradigm is not much different than China’s. It will inspire Chinese people and actuate their progressive trend for freedom, democracy and peace that urgently needs effective supports to fight against the reversal trend of jingoism which is rising up quickly in China.

Had there been strong enough trends of democracy for peace that prevailed in Germany and Japan in 1930s, World war II would have not happened, bloody killing tens of millions of innocent people. To avoid the similar untrue resume later uttered by our descendants, we all should act right now to collectively assist the efforts that supports progressive trends for democracy and peace in order to build a more prosperous and civilized world.

The mentioned-above Charter of the Renaissance of Vietnam for the peace of the world is initiated and mobilized by the movement of The Path of Vietnam [BOMD4 add link GeneralView tren blog PT] that was initiated by Mr. Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Mr. Le Thang Long  and Mr. Le Cong Dinh in early 2009, and officially founded by the reverent persons who sign below on recent … [BOMD4 ghi ngay co du so nguoi sang lap tham gia ky duoi day], 2012. The movement’s ultimate goal is to make human rights to have to be first and equally protected in Vietnam. This is the best way to build a substantial democracy through imparting the fundamental rights to the people and mobilizing them to confidently exercise those rights to gain freedom, dignity, equality and wealth.

We strongly believe that our way, with your supports, will soon lead to a democratic country of Vietnam and to a peaceful world of prosperity and civilization of all of us.

We can see that suppression may be ahead waiting for us, and we still strive for such a world.

We can acknowledge that this way will be very rough, and still go to the end with many fellow travelers like you.

Let’s give hands to save us and our succeeding generations right now.

Let’s voice up to uphold our Charter – Charter for all of us right now.

Thank you very much for your support.

For the movement of The Path of Vietnam


Tran Huynh Duy Thuc

Le Thang Long          Le Cong Dinh


Please send comments to: tpvn.email@gmail.com and cdvn.email@gmail.com

Vietnamese version here.


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