"Khai dân trí, Chấn dân khí, Hậu dân sinh" hay: "Hiểu biết để Tự tin để Làm giàu cuộc sống"



The ultimate goal of the movement of The Path of Vietnam is to make the Human Rights to be first and equally respected for and protected in Vietnam so that the Vietnamese people are respected and may confidently and fully exercise all their citizen rights in reality so as to be master of their country and legitimately create wealth for themselves. Only with such a state can Vietnam obtain an indispensable basis for sustainable development to become a democratic and prosperous nation having the Lac Hong identity civilization, contributing to the world peace and gaining the reverence of the world community.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam strives for developing Vietnam following the below evolution in conformity with the objective principle of nature:
Self-Confidence -> Democracy -> Equality -> Prosperity -> Civilization

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam strives to defy all agents that goad the process of making the country lagged behind and instable, contrary to the above evolution, i.e.:
Fear -> Tyranny -> Corruption -> Destitution -> Backwardness


The Movement of The Path of Vietnam upholds the gradualism that complies with the objective rules of the road and is based on the gradual improvement of the Vietnamese people’s sense of being master of their country and heightening the respect for people. Doing so, such a change, though gradual, is fast and sustainable.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam denounces the abolitionary revolutions and all top-down impositions that bypass persuading the people because this kind of change may flash but rapidly lead to instability and collapse, repeatedly causing detriments to the people.


The Movement of The Path of Vietnam imparts people necessary concepts to help them discern their human rights and mobilize them to take initiative with self- confidence in the maximum use of those rights by the spirit of “Human Rights in The rule of law”.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam calls for and requires the Vietnam administration to have to effectively protect the human rights for its people according to the obligations of the rule of law as stipulated in the Vietnam’s Constitution, and to have to ensure all realistic conditions for its people to maximize their ownership of their country.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam calls upon the responsibilities and seeks for support of the international community for the Vietnamese people’s struggle for freedoms and fundamental rights of human beings, for human dignity and for world peace in accordance with the mission that has been appealed by the Charter of the United Nations and with the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam will employ all necessary measures and legal instruments, nationally and internationally, to defend the legitimate activities of itself and of its people.


The Movement of The Path of Vietnam affirms hereunder the 3 guiding principles of being:
– Outright but sane
– Peaceful but firm
– Decisive but negotiable


The Movement of The Path of Vietnam does not strive for any political doctrine or -ism ideology, that is inherently the objective viewpoints of individuals, i.e the human outlook on life which is usually changed by the time rapidly.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam just strives for the values which belong to the objective laws of The Creator and the universal values that have been practically proved and popularly recognized. These values are also called universal viewpoints that are constant or very hard to be changed by the time.

For the category of equality, for instance, the Movement of The Path of Vietnam just strives for the first and equal protection of human rights of every individual, without distinction of color, race, sex, birth and especially religious beliefs, political opinions, etc… In general, there is no distinction of any kind that belongs to every human being including his/her mental products because this is The Creator’s law which is equally consistent to anyone who is a human person, and if by which people correctly abide they will have freedom, their society will be democratic, equal, prosperous and civilized. That is the absolute equality of The Creator that is similar to the 24 hours/day which are equally endowed to everyone. Those who make the most of human rights and time that they have with no difference from others will surpass. This is the basic equality of a society. This law will self – regulate the motions of everyone toward a social state of equilibrium and popular equality that falls in with the majority’s view. This state is always better and better adjusted by the social progress toward the more civilized. The views of popular equality are usually proposed by the platforms of political parties to convince their people. The Movement of The Path of Vietnam will not strive for those views but will defy all top-down impositions of objective viewpoints of equality because it is just achievable by the above law but going bottom-up.

On the other hand, The Movement of The Path of Vietnam strives for the methods of management and development of our country, and since they are based on the objective laws, we will win the people’s hearts, moving towards the mankind’s universal trend of progress and peace regardless of different normative views on political, economic social, cultural issues, etc… of any ruling party.


The Movement of The Path of Vietnam is an association of volunteers who collectively strive for achieving its goals and obeying its points of view, ways of actions, guiding principles and platform.

The Movement of The Path of Vietnam is not a political party that works to seek for ruling terms in Vietnam. Nevertheless, it will be in favor of any political party that have the policies which conform to the objective laws and satisfy the people’s will, and vice versa it will oppose to any policy of any party that go against this rule.


– The Constitution of the Socialist republic of Vietnam stipulates that its state is the rule of law.

– The Article 69 of this Constitution protects the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, association and demonstration. So far, there is no law that is passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam to restrict those rights of the Vietnamese citizens.

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

– International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that Vietnam acceded on Sept 24, 1982.

– Human Rights in the rule of law is a universal rule and a value of human kind that has brought well-being to many nations that are the first world countries.

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